Transport Manager App

Wish to manage your school fleet efficiently and quickly? Transport manager app helps you to easily manage operational aspects of school transportation, ensure school bus safety, plan and execute transportation budget and many more.



School Bus Tracking

With this app, transport manager is able receive real-time updates about school buses. It also helps in knowing which school bus is available or not available for the trip by tracking the parked buses.


Efficient Management

With this app, the transport manager can efficiently manage the school bus fleets under all circumstances. It helps you to effectively create new routes, monitor fleet, vehicle inspection dates, etc.


Enhanced Communication

Transport manager can communicate with both school bus drivers as well as parents via integrated Skype or SMS. It helps to send important information regarding school bus trips, delays, etc.


Trip Planning

The app helps the transport manager to plan and execute the school bus trips effectively by creating routes, pick up and drop-down points and can also update pick up point if there is any relocation required.


Push Notification

The app helps the transport manager to send push notifications such as alerts, emergencies and important information to multiple users constantly.


Excursion Trip

The app helps the transport manager to create a team of students and schedule the trip with the starting & ending point, assigning driver, contact person and vehicle to the trip.


Instant Alerts

The app aids the transport manager to stay cautious and make suitable decisions at the right time to ensure better safety and fleet management. It provides instant alerts on accidents, unscheduled stops or routes, heavy traffic, etc.


Untracked Vehicles

If any vehicle is not getting tracked, then the transport manager will receive instant notification. The app will aid you to know the reason behind it such as hardware failure, grey areas or any other reason.

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