Teacher's App

A teacher’s day in school can sometimes be extremely cumbersome with so much to handle. The whole idea of the teacher app is to make a teacher’s day easier and organized. The teacher app helpsa teacher in synchronizing student attendance, curriculum, scheduling time-table, assignment, assessment management and many more.



Assignment and Homework Management

Paves an easy access for the teachers to create and assign the assignment to the students, mark the homework and keep a digital portfolio of the students work.


Assessment Management system

Teachers can create and share assessment tests that can easily be auto marked and reviewed by the parents.



The teacher can send push notifications for events,emergencies, etc.


Attendance for classroom

Period wise and daily attendance can be checked and edited with ease.



Easy access to weekly and daily timetable schedules. It also makes it easy to resolve the issues regarding scheduling the classes and time table


To do list – stays ahead of time

Make a note of important things or events. The teacher also gets notified an hour before commencement of the event


Easier access to the curriculum

Displays the title of the topics, subtopics and lessons along with a brief description.


Apply/reject/manage student leaves

Class teachers can grant leave to their students along with self-leave.


Create and design e-learning content

Uses Artificial Intelligence to check the student knowledge level, provides PDFs needed for the academics, graphical representation of student’s growth etc


Teacher-Parent Communication

When there is a need to communicate with the parents, the teachers can access the student details with least efforts.


Mark self-attendance

Rather than using punching machines, teachers can mark their own attendance using teacher app easily.

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