Unlock Seamless School Communication with KlickIt Edsuite e-Diary – Your School’s Central Connection!

KlickIt Edsuite e-Diary – Your School's Central Connection!



In the ever-evolving landscape of education, where seamless connectivity is key, schools are actively seeking groundbreaking solutions to revolutionize communication. Introducing KlickIt Edsuite e-Diary module, a visionary innovation developed by Infoney Solutions Limited. This isn’t just another tool – it’s a game-changer, transforming traditional diaries into dynamic digital hubs that redefine how schools communicate. Let’s dive into the remarkable features that make KlickIt Edsuite the go-to solution for schools seeking to elevate their communication game.


Key Features:

1.	Diary Communication Elevate Interaction, Boost Engagement!

  1. Diary Communication: Elevate Interaction, Boost Engagement! Imagine a world where communication is not just words but an immersive experience. With KlickIt Edsuite, teachers, students, and parents can engage in real-time through diary communication. But here’s the magic – it’s not just limited to text! Teachers can attach video, image, PDF, or audio files, creating an interactive and personalized communication experience that transcends traditional boundaries.
  2. Notice Board: Say Goodbye to Clutter, Hello to Clarity! Tired of chaotic notice boards? Enter the digital notice board of KlickIt Edsuite. Announcements, important dates, and crucial information are organized digitally, ensuring everyone stays in the loop. No more hunting for that lost paper – everything you need is just a click away.
  3. Feeds: Stay in the Know, Anytime, Anywhere! Your school’s heartbeat in a digital feed! From upcoming events to the latest news, Feeds keep parents and students in the loop. Stay informed, stay engaged – KlickIt Edsuite makes it that easy.
  4. Chat: Real-Time Connection, Real-Time Solutions! Need instant communication? The chat feature is your go-to solution. Teachers, students, and parents can connect effortlessly, addressing queries, discussing important matters, and fostering a sense of community like never before.

Feeds Stay in the Know, Anytime, Anywhere!

  1. Homework Tracking: Effortless Accountability, Seamless Collaboration! Homework tracking becomes a breeze with KlickIt Edsuite. Teachers assign, update, and track homework, while students and parents access information conveniently. No more excuses – just streamlined collaboration for academic success.
  2. SMS Communication: Instant Updates, Instant Impact! Recognizing the need for instant communication, KlickIt Edsuite introduces SMS functionality. Timely updates, emergency alerts, and event reminders – delivered straight to parents’ mobile phones. Communication has never been this accessible.
  3. Forum Features: Collaborate, Discuss, and Excel Together! Elevate collaborative learning with forum features that empower students to engage in academic conversations, seek assistance from peers, and contribute to an online learning environment fostering growth and success. KlickIt Edsuite’s forum features redefine the landscape of collaborative education.


Testimonials: Real Voices, Real Impact!

Godfrey Gitonga: School Director at Destiny Shapers Christian School

“KlickIt Edsuite is nothing short of a communication masterpiece that has reshaped the way we engage with our school community. It transcends being a mere tool; it’s an outright communication revolution. The incorporation of multimedia features and the flawless interaction it offers have not just raised the bar; they’ve set an entirely new standard for engagement in our educational ecosystem.”


Jennifer Odhimbo: Parent at Queen of Apostles Seminary

“KlickIt Edsuite has seamlessly woven me into the fabric of my child’s educational journey like never before. It’s not just about making communication effortless; it’s about making it enjoyable and enriching. With everything I need right at my fingertips, I feel like an active participant in my child’s academic adventure. KlickIt Edsuite isn’t just a platform; it’s a bridge connecting parents to the heart of their child’s education.”


Teacher Marvin Adede: Teacher at ACK St James Cathedral Primary School

“KlickIt Edsuite epitomizes the perfect fusion of efficiency and innovation, redefining the way I connect with my students and their parents. The chat feature is more than a tool; it’s a catalyst for meaningful interaction. The addition of multimedia attachments has elevated my communication to an entirely new level of impact. In every sense, KlickIt Edsuite is not just a game-changer; it’s the playbook for modern, effective communication in education.”

Conclusion: Elevate Your School’s Communication Game!

The KlickIt Edsuite e-Diary module isn’t just a tool; it’s your school’s digital hub for seamless communication. Join the ranks of forward-thinking institutions embracing this innovative technology. Elevate your school’s communication game with KlickIt Edsuite – where every click brings you closer to excellence!