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Ever wondered how to stay updated with your child’s well being at school? KlickIt Parent app answers every concern that a parent would have by providing features such as communication, assignment and assessment management, Leave Management, school bus GPS tracking, Inquiry management, Online Fee payment and many more. The parent app is designed in such a way that it gives access to parents as per the rights given to them.

Benefits Of Parent App


Ensure child safety

Parents can ensure child safety via live tracking


Get actively involved

Parents can actively involve in their child’s scholastic pursuits even without regularly visiting school or meeting the teachers.


Communicate easily

Parents can communicate with teachers and school authorities on the go


View homework & assessments

Parents can view details of homework and assignments assigned to the child, in detail.


Get notified

Parents get notified of all activities in the school through push notifications, Bulk SMS or emails


Track Child’s School activities

Parents can keep a track of all school activities like exam schedules, upcoming events, parents’meetings, sports etc




Parents can access the overall attendance of their children; beginning from once the student leaves home for school. Parents can mark attendance and also track real-time attendance, daily or monthly attendance. It also displays a graphical representation of the child’s monthly attendance, helps to applyfor student leave, access holiday list, academic calendar, notificationsand etc


Cashless wallet

Students are no longer required to carry money to school. Smart cards can be used to pay uniform bills, school stationery or pay library fees. Parents can also top up this card using integrated payment gateways. The balance amount, detailed statement of all transactions etc can be accessed by the parent using this feature.



E-Learning is a digital library, where curriculum-based study materials are available. Study materials including PDFs, videos, audios, notes, interactive animated contents etc of all subjects can be accessed.


Sports & Excursion

Schedule of trip details and real-time tracking of trip details can be accessed using this feature. Parents are notified of the excursion and sports details.



Administration is one of the key features of parent app. Parents are able to view fee details such as pending payments and payment details and fee structures. Parents can also upload and save student documents such as birth certificate, school identity card etc. It is also made easy to apply for student ID card and transfer certificate.


Security & Surveillance

This is one of the best features beneficial for the parents. Parents can get the live preview of their child. Playback option is also available. Parents can know if their child is in the classroom, library, canteen or elsewhere in the school.



In academics feature, parents get updated on the child’s curriculum, daily assignments, timetable etc. Parents can easily trace their child’s academics and daily activities.



Assessment feature is freely accessible for all parents. Quiz and Assessment features can be utilized by students for additional tests and revision sessions. Results are also available for the parents.



Parents can communicate either with school administration or the teachers involved with their child using the in-app messenger anytime. Parents can also raise concerns, clear doubts or inform the concerned authority,on the go. Announcement from school/teachers, details about PTA meetings etc are also available.


Bus tracking

Parents can ensure their child’s safety by real-time tracking of the school bus. They are also notified prior to the bus arrival, before pick-up and drop-down so that pick up and drop-down arrangements can be planned accordingly. Bus routes, bus fare details can also be accessed.


Diet & Health

In this feature, parents can keep a track of their child’s growth. BMI calculator and documented health history of the child.


Education World- News

The news from the education sector is available to all parents. This helps parents to stay updated with the changes and news in education.

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