An All in One Solution for All Educational Institutions

If you are looking for an all in one solution that has every feature you will ever need to manage a learning institution, KlickIt Edsuite answers your needs.

KlickIt Edsuite is an advanced cloud-based system with specialized logins for the school administrators and managers, principals, teachers, students, parents, school drivers and school transport managers. KlickIt Edsuite is designed with a highly user-friendly dashboards and comes with integrated mobile applications which makes it easy to access anytime, anywhere.

With over 30 well thought through modules, KlickIt Edsuite is able to seamlessly facilitate all the processes of a learning institution from student admission, promotion, and alumni database archiving and management enabling the institution to go completely digital and paperless. Modules such as school fees management, transport, e-learning, assessments, assignments, staff and student attendance management, communication and many more are taken care of under one system.

KlickIt Edsuite is Suitable for a single branch institution or for an institution with multiple branches operating at different locations.




Students classroom attendance management system

Makes it easy to mark student classroom attendance and give notification to parents in real-time


Hierarchy of Management

It is all about dividing and sharing the responsibilities of the management for easier administration with specialized secure logins for each individual


Online payment gateway integration

Simply log in to the Parent Portal from an Internet-connected device and then, make the payment through the integrated payment gateways


Cashless School Solution

Using this sophisticated system, students no longer need to carry money to school


School ID card generation

Applying for new ID cards is made easy. Parents can also view the status of ID cards like requested status, pending status and distributed status



Securely secures all student alumni data


Systematic School Bus Tracking System

TrackSchoolBus is a school bus tracking and management solution for parents and school management to ensure student safety and smooth running of school transportation


Video Conferencing

Enhance your online classes with Video Conferencing features such as livestreaming, live and recorded classes and many more


Staff leave management

Provides for teachers and other staff to apply for leaves, enter their productivity reports, track their attendance and many more


Command Centre

A screen to display school information helping the school management to broadcast important information across the institution


Parent Portal

KlickIt Edsuite parent portal provides a platform for parents and guardians to access all academic details of student at once


Document manager

Enables the parent to save the student’s documents on the cloud for easy retrieval as needed


School Fee Management

Smart school fee management makes the task of an accountant much easier, parents fee payment process faster and school management fee payment monitoring real-time


e-Learning module

Loaded with highly interactive digital content and also enables teachers to share curriculum related content with the students


Library Management System

Have a stress-free library by easily managing the data in and out of the library system


Transfer certificate generation

Applying for Transfer Certificate can be done using this feature


Student registration system

Manages student registration process from inquiry, interview, follow-ups and admission


Diet & Health

Parents can keep a track of their child’s growth. BMI calculator and history are available in this feature


Elegant Assessment Management

Teachers can create and share assessment and exams that can be easily retrieved by the parents and auto marked instantly while giving immediate feedback to the learners for easier revision


Assignment and Project Management

Enables teachers to issue and receive homework and school projects online while keeping record of individual student progress easily


Academic calendar management system

Parents can know about the entire academic year’s schedule including holidays, events and other activities


Communication management

Provides for a dynamic communication platform by emails, push notifications or integrated SMS gateway


Bulk SMS Integration

Integrates a bulk SMS provider for easier communication



A breakdown of different curriculum designs and syllabi


Time table module

Laying down an efficient timetable at the beginning of an academic year is a challenge for the administration of every institute. This module makes all that easy


Employee attendance system

Smart attendance for teachers, drivers and other employees. This helps to keep a systematic and organized attendance system


Student life cycle management

KlickIt Edsuite is a top-class solution to de-clutter the massive data of the student life cycle and to creatively organize it for easy access


Lesson plans/schemes of work

Provides for easy upload for individual teacher lesson plans and schemes of work


Education World News

The news from the education sector is available to all parents


Security & Surveillance

Parents can get the live preview of their child. Playback option is also available

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