Klickit CBC learning app


Klickit CBC learning app

Klickit CBC Learning app gives learners an opportunity to learn new words, build confidence, develop knowledge and personalize learning experience. It is a fun and engaging way to teach your child some basic concepts in numeracy, and literacy and make the most of classroom resources. The app inspires kids to read and explore more. The content also helps students acquire all the competencies required by the curriculum such as problem-solving ability, creativity, willingness to learn and digital literacy.

The app covers different learning areas with strands from PP1 to Grade 3 in Mathematics, Environmental activities and Christian Religious Education (CRE). The app has a well defined learning outcome to make sure the learners acquire the desired result after every lesson. It ensures all the students master the expected skills at the end of every sub strand and do it practically


Why choose the Klickit CBC learning app?

Animated content

It contains animated content which is highly engaging, interactive, and fun to spark learners’ interests.

Learning outcomes

Has a well-defined learning outcome in every sub-strand and lesson to ensure the learners acquire the desired result after every lesson.

Learning activities

Let’s kids learn at their own pace with a variety of activities

Easy to use

It is easy to use on tablets and mobile phones. In addition, the desktop version will be available soon. Compatible with Android devices

Learning- areas

Each learning area has strands, sub-strands, and lessons. There are activities at the end of every lesson to test the students’ understanding and keep learners’ minds engaged.

CBC curriculum aligned

Well-aligned to the CBC syllabus.

The content is divided into three: –
  • Pre-primary Education-It contains content for PP1 and PP2. Learning areas covered are Mathematics, Language, Environmental, Hygiene & Nutrition and Christian Religious Education Activities.
  • Lower primary-It contains content for Grade 1,2 and 3. The learning areas here are Mathematics, Language, Environmental, Hygiene & Nutrition, and Christian Religious Education Activities.
  • Upper Primary-It contains content for Grade 4,5 and 6. The learning areas are Mathematics.

Learning progress

Monitor learning progress. Learners can evaluate the number of lessons covered and the remaining lessons.

Get started with KlickIt Education Suite

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An updated version of the Klickit CBC learning app is now available on Google Play Store!

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You can now access Grade 1 CRE, Grade 2 CRE, and Grade 2 Mathematics.