KlickIt Edsuite e-Diary – Your School's Central Connection!

Unlock Seamless School Communication with KlickIt Edsuite e-Diary – Your School’s Central Connection!

  Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of education, where seamless connectivity is key, schools are actively seeking groundbreaking solutions to revolutionize communication. Introducing KlickIt Edsuite e-Diary module, a visionary innovation developed by Infoney Solutions Limited. This isn't just another tool – it's a game-changer, transforming traditional diaries into dynamic digital hubs that redefine how schools communicate. Let's dive into the…

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Modern School Computer Lab at St. Mary's Sportview Academy - Set up by Infoney Solutions Ltd

Transforming Education with Infoney Solutions Limited: A Strategic Approach to School Computer Labs

Introduction As technology continues to reshape the educational landscape, the role of computer labs in schools becomes increasingly critical. Infoney Solutions Limited, a leading provider of comprehensive IT solutions in Education, understands the unique challenges faced by educational institutions when it comes to managing and upgrading their computer labs. In this article, we'll explore how Infoney Solutions Limited can assist…

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How to keep learners engaged at home

With the students at home for the holidays, parents find it hard to keep them busy. One way to keep learners engaged is through learning. Most of them tend to put their books aside during this time and stay glued to the television and mobile screen. However, this doesn't mean they should spend all their time in books. They should…

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Technology in education is the inevitable change that the educators of the 21st century will have to embrace. For years, policy makers, teachers, parents and students alike have been weighing the potential benefits of technology in education against its risks and consequences. Prior to introduction of the Competency-based curriculum (CBC), teachers and students could afford to use technology sparingly since…

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Digital learning in Kenya: Bridging education technology-divide in Tharaka Nithi county

How do we close the social gap in access to education technology in Kenya? This is a question that Childrise foundation through Child Fund Kenya is working hard to answer by taking a bold step to reach to the less fortunate communities in Tharaka Nithi county, Kenya. In partnership with Infoney solutions Limited and other partners, Childrise foundation has put…

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A guide on appropriate ICT integration in schools: What you need to know

Some years back, many schools and learning institutions started to adopt school management systems which worked offline. Despite several limitations, these systems worked well. However, as time goes, the need to bring all stakeholders on board and in real-time is increasing and this has made the offline systems not viable anymore. As integrated connectivity and round the clock access is…

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