Are you a school owner, manager or principal?

Are you interested in automating and digitizing the tedious processes in your school management and upgrade the learning experiences of your learners with top-notch technologies?

Because we want to help you on your journey to integrating proper and efficient technologies in your school, Infoney Solutions Limited is giving you a 30 days free trial of KlickIt Edsuite; a solution that is customized to manage schools’  assessments, assignments, timetable, video conference teaching, staff and student attendance, school calendar, library, digital learning contents, school fees, payments and many more processes efficiently for a better experience.

Infoney Solutions Limited’s team has invested a lot of time, energy and money in learning the proper result-driven technologies for learning institutions that impacts positively on all stakeholders; teachers, students, parents, school drivers, school managers, principals among others. We collectively have over 30 years’ experience and have worked with hundreds of schools in their efforts to deploy learning and management solutions that are customized to their needs. We also have experience in interactive digital learning content creation, ICT infrastructure projects in learning institutions and support and training on use of ICT in teaching, learning and school management.

We are not your regular school management system vendor who will sell you a software that will manage your accounting, human resource and inventory and then try to convince you that critical modules that manage important functions in teaching and learning can be provided separately by other providers. That results in you having many small half-baked systems managing different functions in the school and many providers that barely give you proper technical support.

We are not a team of colleagues who have spent some few years in school learning technology stuff and now think we know better than everyone. We did not attend a training and then decide we are experts without intense industry experience and in-depth research in school management and learning management.

We are not a tech company that will promise you 50 modules in a system and make you wait three to six months to see any results of a fully deployed system (while charging you). And when that doesn’t happen, explain to you that technology deployments take time or our service providers have changed their algorithm (or give some other excuse). We do not make system features or modules that are fascinating to present and talk.

We are a performance-driven technology company that specializes in integration of technology in teaching, learning and school management processes. We have a keen eye on measurable results that technology gives you because we believe that “what can be measured, can be improved”. If you spend money on a school system, wouldn’t you want to know exactly how that technology is helping you in saving money, time, improving parents experience and engagement and impacting on students’ performance? We help your learning institution to adopt technology that will impact on its growth and efficiency.

All you have to do is click here, fill the form and request for your 30 days trial.

Written by: Jonah Wanjohi

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