Klickit Edsuite digital learning platform Virtual learning and teaching using video conferencing, assessments, assignments, e-learning directory, student and staff attendance management, school fees management etc GET STARTED We make learning easy and enjoyable Supply and deployment of educational tablets, teacher laptops, content access points and charging cabinets EXPLORE Content Creation E-Learning Content creation and Software Development. We create and provide cutting edge interactive digital learning content and content management applications GET STARTED Support and Training A well equipped team ready to support and train. We train teachers and school management on effective use of teaching, learning and school management technologies. GET STARTED

Who We Are

We are a performance-driven technology company that specializes in integration of technology in teaching, learning and school management processes. We help learning institutions adopt technology to help in organization's growth and efficiency


Why Infoney Solutions

We have taken time just to learn and understand the technology needs of the education sector. Backed with years of experience, we have a proven track record in ICT integration projects in hundreds of schools. We offer all-in-one solutions which means no hassle finding multiple providers.


What We Do

Infoney creates technology solutions for education sector; the best solutions that define the future of learning and school management. We empower school owners, managers, teachers, students and parents with technologies that better their experience in education.


Quality & Efficience

Digital learning solutions

We are a tech company with a focus to expand its reach in terms of market and product offerings in the tech education.


Quality & Efficience

Digital learning content

  • Interactive lower primary content for competency-based curriculum (CBC) 80%
  • Revision content for upper primary level 80%
  • Educational tablets specifications data sheets 70%

KlickIt Education Suite

The Best School ERP . Klickit EDsuite is live Streamline the ridiculously elaborate procedure of student life cycle management by unifying all data applications

Parent Login

Keep track of all your child’s school activities; classroom attendance, exams, academics, homework, transport, communication, school fees and many more…

Teacher Login

A teacher app that helps you in synchronizing student attendance, curriculum, scheduling time-table, assignments, assessments, digital learning content and many more….

Student Login

Get access to curriculum content, exams, homework, school communication, video conferencing lessons, class timetable and many more

Transport manager login

Manage your fleets without any hassle. The app helps you to easily manage all operational aspects of school transport, ensure school bus safety, plan and execute transport budgets and many more

Bus Attendant login

Now you can mark school bus attendance of student without much effort. You don’t need to remember every student’s pickup points and contact details. The app helps you on all these and many more

Driver console login

Manage tasks such as communication with transport managers, mark student attendance in the bus, monitor speed, get live-cam feed, navigation planning and many more

What Makes Us Different…

Transforming IT Service provision in organizations in Africa and Beyond



We draw on rich experience of ICTs in education and our deep understanding of digital content creation for various levels of education



We deliver high-quality products, services and solutions to our customers based on the people we recruit and our array of technologies


Our Promise

We promise to provide complete digital learning solutions that guarantee reliable ecosystem for teachers, students, parents and school management.

Get started with KlickIt Education Suite

Are you a parent , teacher or student ? Are you a school or an education center ? Then do not worry, we have got you. Klickit is for you

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